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Hi, my name is Bodie and I’m a 9 year old from Oakland! I got into making balloon animals a few years ago and taught myself with YouTube videos. Right before Covid I wanted to open a balloon animal birthday party business, but Covid ruined that. So after a couple of months, I decided to switch to balloon animal delivery and that's what I'm doing now. ​

I have made balloons for toddlers and for birthday parties for adults in their 60s. If there is one thing I have learned, its that everyone loves balloon animals.


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The standard sword, favored by the young and young at heart. Equally at home at a backyard battle or a Renaissance Festival. Don't get caught without one.


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The pampered pup of our dog lineup of animals. The poodle is energetic and lively while still maintaining her manners and good looks.


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The oddball wiener dog is as elusive as he is enigmatic. Easy to pick out of a lineup, the wiener dog is loyal and trustworthy through and through.


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Cute and cuddly, the rabbit is the sweetheart of our collection. Whether on a bookshelf, the top of a fridge, or a bedside stand, the rabbit always looks good.




Beautiful flowers will bring a smile to your face. In addition, you don't even need to water our flowers and they should last for a week or two.


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The humble dog has been a constant companion to many of us. On good days and bad days, the dog will always be your friend. 




The kingpin of balloon animals known for its impressive verticality, the giraffe makes a great addition to any balloon animal family.




This haunting and diminutive owl (10") is always on alert, watching your every move. Be on your best behavior while the owl is a resident of your home




The mini mouse is hard to catch, but quite adorable. Please keep them away from cats and mousetraps.




"Just wanted to say thanks again for the totally awesome balloons. My kids were just absolutely ecstatic about them and I could see my husband’s heart melt as he watched them have fun. It’s a great gift. We’ll be in touch for the next family birthday!"

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Our main delivery area is in the Grand Lake neighborhood, approximately from the middle of the lake to Pleasant Valley Rd to the Piedmont High School area to Park Blvd. If you are outside these areas, please contact us ( and we can talk about your order. We will likely cluster orders outside our main delivery area, so might not be as timely as in our home area. Delivery is free with orders over $10 or $2 for orders below.

We accept Paypal and Venmo. We will send the total cost after we have contacted you to establish a delivery window. We want to make sure we can accommodate your order before charging you.


If you are in need of a rush (today or tomorrow), please indicate that. Generally, two-three days ahead of time is great. But we will always try to accommodate rush orders, if possible.


If you are requesting a large order of balloons, 25 or more, please email us directly ( so we can discuss the order.


In addition, if you are in other neighborhoods, please send us an email and let us know your neighborhood. We will be adding special deliveries to other neighborhoods in the coming weeks, grouping deliveries that are close or meeting buyers at pickup locations in grocery parking lots or similar locations.